"The World Famous Hair Loss Ebook"

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The World Famous Hair Loss Ebook

Dozens of photos from movies, sports, TV and music help explain the REAL reason why hair loss develops!

Face it, life isn't easy for the world's most famous hair loss men and women.

Constantly being in the spotlight can have big disadvantages: as the years go by, some people love to examine, scrutinize and often pick holes in their personalities, behavior or physical appearance.

Personally, I think it's all a bit sad really.

So you might be wondering why I wrote this ebook!

Well, the answer is certainly not to tease or make fun of anyone afflicted with hair loss. Having suffered (really suffered!) this condition myself, I know all too well that it can cause a whole lot of frustration, misery, even depression. And understandably perhaps, that might be especially true for many well known hair loss men and women out there.

That's because, for many celebrities, their success largely depends upon their appearance. So, if they're losing hair fast, any aged or weathered look it brings could quite easily affect their popularity and even employability.

Three Reasons Why You Should Read "The World Famous Hair Loss ebook"

The reasons why I wrote "The World Famous Hair Loss ebook" and why I think you should read it are:

1. To help prove the true cause of this condition

If you've read most of this website already, then you should know by now that there’s a big connection between skull shape and hair loss (if you didn’t know that, please read this page). And it's the growth of certain skull bones (skull expansion) that causes the hair loss process to begin.

Not only that, but skull expansion also explains how the various patterns of hair loss develop.

So, since many famous celebrities are almost constantly in the spotlight (and are likely to remain there for years to come) they're an obvious choice for showing you exactly how and why such patterns of hair loss are likely to emerge in these people as time goes by. And by accurately predicting these patterns of future hair loss, this should further support (and hopefully convince) anyone who is in any doubt about bone growth causing hair loss.

2. How to spot future hair loss

Learn six skull shape characteristics that can help you predict how future hair loss might develop for you or people you know, meet or see. Obviously this can include friends, family, etc. But, it could also include anyone at all - even total strangers on a train (try not stare though!) These skull shape characteristics can help determine:

  • Where hair loss is going to develop (front, back or both regions of the scalp).

  • How fast this is likely to happen.

  • How severe the hair loss will eventually get.

3. Lookalikes and family trends

There's a fascinating link between hair loss and lookalikes. Such lookalikes can quite obviously be related (including identical twins and family trends) but could instead be completely unrelated. Read chapter 4 in the ebook and you'll see what I mean.

Identical twins with hair lossModel used for illustrative purposes only.

Famous Hair Loss Men... But Not Women!

This ebook focuses on famous hair loss men rather than women. That's because hair loss is a lot more socially acceptable for men than it is for women. So, famous women are more likely to try and hide their hair loss. This, of course, makes it much easier to spot and confirm hair loss in men than in women.

Also, far more men develop this type of hair loss than women, and those women who do, usually experience it to a much lesser extent. So, again, this means that it’s much easier to find and study hair loss in men rather than women.

Basically then, there's a lot more famous men with hair loss than famous women. And their hair loss is much more obvious due to its severity (e.g., rapid hair loss which quickly develops into areas of total baldness such as receding hairlines or bald patches at the back).

Unidentified men with hair lossModels used for illustrative purposes only.

To Sum Up

"The World Famous Hair Loss ebook" has over 50 photos of movie stars, sports stars and other famous faces to help explain exactly how skull expansion causes hair loss in some people, whilst others remain free from hair loss for life. 

This ebook is completely free to download when you buy "Here Today, Hair Tomorrow".

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