Advecia Review: Does It Help With Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth?

This review gives the inside information on Advecia to help you decide whether or not it’s a supplement worth trying in your war against hair loss.

What’s in It?

This food supplement contains several ingredients well-known for being beneficial to hair growth - saw palmetto, grape seed and green tea, as well as the amino acids L-arginine and L-lysine.

But, there's a potential problem with the amino acids in this product that you should know about.

Amino Acid Issues

The manufacturer recommends that you take this product with food to avoid discomfort of the stomach (the recommended dose is 4 capsules per day by the way). However, the two amino acids it contains raise an important issue:

Arginine amino acid supplement

Amino acids should best be taken on an empty stomach at least half an hour before a meal with water and not with milk or any other drink containing protein.

That’s because a drink (or food) containing protein will contain other amino acids, and these will then compete for absorption with the supplements you take.

I wrote to the official website ( about this.

Here's their reply:

"Hi Paul: There will be no issues taking the supplement on an empty stomach. You can do that. You bring up some good points."

So, it seems you have a choice:

1. Take it half an hour before a meal - you are more likely to absorb the L-arginine and L-lysine, but also more likely to upset your stomach too.

2. Take it immediately after a meal – this will avoid a possible upset stomach, but if your meal contains protein, the L-arginine and L-lysine in this product will probably not get absorbed as well as it should.

3. Take different products - perhaps a better approach would be to obtain the same nutrients from separate products (which might be much less expensive too). You can then take the amino acids on an empty stomach and the remaining supplements with food.

Advecia and alternative supplements

L-lysine especially, is considered by many to help hair regrow. So, given that most people who take this product will probably do so as recommended (i.e., with food) perhaps this explains why several Advecia reviews are mixed, and why many customers do not benefit from taking this supplement (at least as far as their hair loss is concerned).

This leads on to:

Does Advecia Really Work?

Some research (from online forums and websites) suggests that this nutritional supplement does seem to help some people. Other research says it doesn’t help at all. The manufacturer states that their product can decrease DHT production and increase nitric oxide production in the body.

Now, both these approaches are also used by the drugs finasteride (DHT blocker) and minoxidil (the mechanism of which is most often thought to involve nitric oxide and vasodilation). So it seems to me that the way in which Advecia tackles hair loss is very much like a combination of these two drugs. But, since this is an all-natural product, it should be without any risk of the side effects that applies to the drugs.

However, both finasteride and minoxidil very often don't work as well as you might think. So, perhaps it makes sense then, that Advecia employs a similar mechanism to these drugs and similarly, does not work for many who try it.


So, on a website all about natural hair loss solutions, does this product get a recommendation?

Well, no!

Not specifically for hair loss anyway.

Advecia may be an all-natural product, and some of its ingredients are, no doubt, very healthy to take (for example, green tea extract and grape seed extract are powerful antioxidants that should be beneficial to you regardless of any hair loss problem you might have).

But I think there are better ways to get the nutrients it contains into your body (as explained above). And I would also say that it’s virtually impossible to stop the hair loss process through dietary means alone.

Sure, a few supplements can probably help a bit, but I’m convinced that hands-on help is the most effective way to combat the hair loss process.

Take a look at questions 1 and 2 on my FAQ page and you’ll learn about the practical ideas I used to successfully stop my own hair loss and stimulate strong hair regrowth.

Note: nutritional advice should be sought before you start using dietary supplements for hair loss.

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