"Here Today, Hair Tomorrow" Ebook Techniques: Reviews and Testimonials

The testimonials, reviews and feedback below are personal success stories from men and women who used my "Here Today, Hair Tomorrow" ebook techniques to restore healthy hair regrowth. 

Hopefully, these will help you rate my own approach to hair loss against other products and treatments you might have already tried, are currently using, or are thinking about trying. 

All testimonials are from real people. Originals may be seen upon request.

"Hi Paul, I read your ebook. You're analysis is brilliant. My hairline precisely outlines the flat part of my skull. I have the same hair loss pattern as yours described in the ebook.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and hard work that went into that ebook, I'm 36 and have tried many drugs and techniques in the past 18 years to stop my hair loss. Your skull expansion theory is the most comprehensive theory that I have come across. It is genius.
I know what I need to do thanks to you!"

James F

"Hi Paul, I cannot thank you enough for the work you have put into this and made available at such an affordable price so that as many as possible can access it.

I purchased and read your ebook back in the beginning of March and began implementing the exercises immediately. I began noticing hair loss 7-8 years ago and have been obsessive about it since then, looking into everything I could try. To me, the testosterone theory of hair loss never really made a lot of sense, because as you have pointed out, there are too many questions left unanswered.

Anyway, I have been doing the exercises as outlined in the ebook for almost 4 months and am very pleased with what I have seen so far. I have noticed a lot less hair fall and have seen more baby hairs popping up that I ever remember seeing before. I am hoping that with continued use I will see even more regrowth.

Thank you again. I cannot thank you enough!"

Austin R
Jun 24, 2021

"Hey Paul, I want to give you a testimonial after almost one month of using your techniques. But first I want to tell you my "history". Two months ago (mid-July and first few days of August) when I was having a shower, every time I would see at least 20 hairs in each hand while shampooing, and I always shampoo 2 times per shower. And my hair was "ugly looking", (a lot of frizz). I never had that much shedding so I freaked out a bit and found your page, I started reading your ebook and doing the techniques.

Today, mid-September, after almost one month since I started, I had a shower and I shampooed two times (as always), I looked at both hands after both shampoo cycles and I saw a maximum of 2-3 hairs per hand. I made sure that it wasn't an illusion and passed my hands through my hair, but no new hairs came out in my hands. I also saw that my hair is so much better looking, it shines and it's definitely thicker.

I'll update again when I see new progress, but for now I'm so happy."

Pol Tello
Sep 16, 2020

Later update:

"Hello Paul, After 8 months (or so) of using the techniques described in your book, I'm ready to give you a second testimonial.

My hair shedding to a normal rate, the rate every person has. During February the shedding increased because, for personal reasons, I had anxiety. But after 2 or 3 weeks, my anxiety disappeared and my hair shedding too.

As you remember, I didn't have thinning or anything related, but my hair looked very ugly. My hair now looks so shiny and thick, in fact, I think I have better hair now at the age of 24 than at the age of 17. I can definitely feel that the density increased although I didn't have any density problems.

I also want to add that I had, since I was a kid, some weird shape on one temple, and combining dermarolling and your techniques, this weird shape is almost gone, and my hairline is the same as 7 years ago, maybe even better thanks to the techniques and dermarolling."

Pol Tello
May 5, 2021

"I used the techniques in this ebook twice, in the past ten years, to stop hair loss and regrow hair (I say twice because I eventually stopped the techniques and hair loss continued later).

The first time I used the techniques, I had a lot of free time available so I did them multiple times throughout the day for sometimes long periods of time. I really enjoyed the feeling on my head and scalp when doing the techniques.

During this time my hair loss completely stopped (which was exciting because my hair had been falling for 6 years). My hair became very strong (to the point where I could tug on it without losing any hair). My scalp changed from feeling tight on my head to feeling soft and loose, and my skull became somewhat softer and seemed to change shape a bit because the hairline actually sat lower on my head. New hair grew and filled in very nicely. The few grey hairs that I did have fell out and my hair became thick, beautiful, and soft.

I also found that the techniques helped relieve stress and calm down my chronic over-thinking (which makes me think there is a relationship between excessive thinking and skull expansion).

Anyway, I met a beautiful woman during this time and we had a child. I got very busy and stopped doing the techniques. About 7 years later my hair was thinning again so I started doing the techniques again. Within a couple months there were lots of new, little hairs sprouting up throughout my scalp again.

Anyways... I know from first hand experience that the techniques in the ebook work.

However, I also believe there are other reasons for hair loss, such as toxicity (like mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings, for example), certain medications, etc. which should be addressed if relevant to you."

Lucas Thompson

"Dear Paul, Thank you very much for your ebook. It was very enjoyable to read as well as being thorough and exhaustively researched. I read it in February, and ever since then I have done the exercises every day. I will say I no longer notice any hairs falling out at the back!

I'm 31 now. I first started experiencing recession when I was 27. I have been using technique C1 the most. I find it has helped in the back and top of my head. My hair is fuller and healthier here. I'm okay with it."

Daniel Ivkovic

"Hey Paul, I did the exercises yesterday. It felt great, I could really feel the blood rushing all over my scalp afterwards. Thanks for your methods! I'll update you later on to let you know how things go."

Later update:

"Greetings Paul, I'm a bit over two weeks now and my hair feels great. I can't thank you enough for your research, how I wish I could've found out about this a few months ago. I'm hoping that in about 2 1/2 months I'll be able to halt my hair loss and maybe I'll get lucky and be able to regrow what I've lost in my temples much later in the year. Thanks Paul!"


"Hi Paul, I'm almost 4 weeks into the program. I got a haircut about a week and 2 days ago, and already I can see the hair growing back, perhaps at a slightly faster rate? But I've also noticed that it seems to be growing in thicker. I think I can now say that the hair loss at the crown has almost completely stopped."

Update week 8:

"Hi Paul, I wanted to give you another update. These last few weeks I've noticed it easier to cover up places of receding hair at the temple, almost to the extent where I can make it look like I have a natural hairline. We went on vacation last weekend for my graduation, and my mother got lots of pictures of me...

And considering everything was so hectic that I didn't take the usual 45 minutes to make sure my hair was okay, my hair looked fantastic. I couldn't even tell I had receding temples because the hair around it was so thick it just covered everything up. Overall it looks like my hair is thicker. This is all great news."

Update week 12:

"Hi Paul, Just wanted to drop another quick email to say that there’s just no denying it! I think today I've finally become completely convinced. There’s just hair coming up where it wasn't before! It really is an amazing feeling.

Anyways, just giving a positive update. Will continue to update you as things get even better! Thanks!

P.S. It's such a good feeling to not worry about it that much anymore."

Update after one year:

"The routine is working a treat. It’s been roughly a year now, and I have already recovered a decent amount of lost hair, and the hair that was there before is much more alive now... Thanks so much!"

Dan Hildebrand, USA

"I can’t believe how thick and strong my hair's growing! This is just a breakthrough! Wow.....thank you Sir!"

Later update:

"I am getting great results as months go by, about 8 months. The crown was the most stubborn of thinning, but now it’s with thicker crown hair. Thanx"

Charly Julien

"Firstly, let me say, 'What an amazing ebook!'

I bought it 2 days ago and have finished reading this morning. I went out last night and you were absolutely right, I started noticing the different head/face shapes immediately which made me giggle.

To be honest, being of a medical training background, I do feel it is all a bit 'out there', but, as you know from your own experience of hair loss, the excessive anxiety I have felt for the past 6 months has brought me to a place where I am willing to invest and have a go at anything.

Besides, it's a completely natural approach, so it won’t do harm, so what have I got to lose right? Consider me committed to the cause and feel free to use my testimonial."

Sarah Paget, UK

"Sir, I have for years suspected your theory of skull shape and hair loss to be correct.

I am of Northern European Germanic descent, and was born with a "high forehead". I remember feeling self-conscious at an early age about it. It was especially noticeable to me since I grew up in Honolulu Hawaii in the 1960's.

At that time there were few Caucasians living there. Most of my classmates were Asians who are genetically known for their thick hair and low foreheads and mop top Beetles haircuts.

When I hit puberty I began to notice my hairline receding dramatically. The widow’s peak became evident and was troubling, since it was uneven. My right side was - and still is - more pronounced than the left. 

In the 1990's I underwent hair transplant surgery as an attempt to diminish the forehead.  In retrospect, I think this was a mistake. I now fear the hair behind the transplants will eventually fall out, and there will then be small tufts of hair left behind.

So far, almost 15 years later, thankfully this has not occurred. I am dormant but know the skull will eventually start to expand if I don't start your regimen soon.

I have not used any of your treatments previously, but have tried things like standing on my head for blood circulation and squeezing my scalp in various ways to loosen it and promote blood flow. I am a customer who believes in your theory before even trying it.

I have never believed in lotions and potions, or any topical "cures". I have always known like you, hair loss is an "internal" problem.

True, genetics plays a crucial role, if you're lucky enough to be born with a small "Ronald Reagan" skull, and flat forehead, you'll never go bald. I am no Brad Pitt but am not Bruce Willis either.

Like most men I am somewhere in between. I am kind of a young Dennis Hopper/Steve Macqueen, who always wanted to be a Robert Redford/Bill Clinton!

I know you can help me. I believe in you 100%. God bless you Sir, for what you’re doing for people like me, or worse, the Bruce Willises!!!!!"

Richard C. Mundt

"Hi Paul, My name is Daniel and I just wanted to email you to say a big thank-you for writing your ebook and the research you've done re skull expansion.

I just bought "Here Today, Hair Tomorrow" last week and have read it cover-to-cover twice.

I have to say I am totally convinced that your theory is exactly what is happening for people suffering from male pattern baldness. It’s so obvious and yet it’s been totally overlooked by hair experts up till now!

Personally, I have been suffering from a slowly receded hairline at the front for the past 12 years (currently 32yo). In the past I've tried Rogaine, Viviscal and a few quite expensive shampoos, with little to no result.

In the past two years I have finally gone to the shaved head stage, resigned to the fact that it was just genetics (I have quite a few bald uncles, although my father has hair).

Since discovering your ebook, I've spent the last week 'studying' every bald person who walks by and lo & behold, they ALL have the same increased skull size.

And amazingly, skull expansion has happened to me too, without my even noticing!

I think the only reason I didn't notice the skull expansion happening in myself is that it was so gradual. But when I look back at photos from my early twenties it is blindingly obvious. My forehead must have grown up and out by about 2 inches or more over that time, and it is in the exact place where the baldness appears.

I have been performing your exercises religiously for a week and a half, and already the hair on top of my head is standing up, and not limp like before. In fact, it is growing wildly and straight up in some parts, where it has been limp for almost five years. Nothing amazing as yet, but I am confident within a month or two there will be more growth. Thanks again."

And later update:

"Hi Paul, It has been a while. I'm glad to inform you that my hairline has been progressing thanks to you. Thanks a lot and best wishes."

Daniel Medina

"Just wanna say sir in one month only, my hair have become so much healthy. Thanks to you sir all my friends will also buy your ebook. They are like in love by seeing my hair from thinning to getting healthy just in one month."

Manvendra Narula

"Hi Paul, I’ve been through the book twice now, and getting more and more convinced your theory is correct, and your methods are the best way to deal with this problem.

This already gives me a sense of control and influence over my situation, and that's something I find really nice after all these years of feeling somewhat helpless regarding this situation.

So, already, thanks for that."

Jan Rolf

"Hello Paul, I've just downloaded and read your book, "Here Today, Hair Tomorrow" (well most of it actually) a couple of days ago.

The theory seems really well founded. It's the first time in my research on hair loss that I read something which could actually be close to reality. I mean it's really disappointing that dermatologists are actually recommending minoxidil or Propecia as the only solutions when clearly they are quite dangerous and focusing on fighting some symptoms but not the underlying cause.

The skull shapes etc. that you describe, I keep observing them all the time."

Kind regards,
John Tzanos

"Hi Paul, I do believe that you have hit on the "holy grail" causes of hair loss.  Your research and dedication to this is incredible.

I first started having hair loss after taking injectable human growth hormone at age 53 and it accelerated when I started using tongkat ali which boosts the body's testosterone levels several months ago.  The old testosterone-to-DHT issue. I am in the field of neurology so I am well aware of the skull sutures*.

I am also inclined to believe that the three massages which enhance blood flow have positive health effects beyond what is even hinted about in your publication. Thank you Paul, and good work."

Regards, Richard

"Skull sutures" are explained here.

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