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This page reveals natural hair loss remedies that are said to work. It starts with my own approach to hair loss...

A Home Remedy for Hair Loss That Actually Works!

I completely restored healthy hair regrowth using my own special techniques. To find out how I did it, read my hair loss story.

See photos and learn how I saved my hair (just in time!) after seven years of frantic research: my home remedy for hair loss.

All that hard work culminated in a published article for the Medical Hypotheses journal. And I also created this website so that other men and women can use my techniques to successfully save their hair as well. Learn about my techniques.

Paul Taylor

Hundreds of men and women have now reversed their hair loss using my remedy. Here are some of the many reviews that have been sent in:

"Hi Paul, A big thank you for putting this information out there for those that need it. Your techniques are the only truthful hair loss remedy I have ever found, as it completely resolves the problem."

Jake Keane

"This is worth more than any topical remedy that companies want you to waste your money on to treat and not cure."

Shane Brown, USA

"Had a run in with telogen effluvium a few months back, it was fantastic... I really think you're on to something."

Yvonne Snell, USA

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My research didn't stop even after I got my hair growing again - my obsession with hair loss continued! And the further research I did led on to many more ideas. Learn about the new natural hair loss remedies I discovered (which can be used to supplement my main techniques).

Natural Hair Loss Remedies Review

There are dozens of natural hair loss remedies you can try at home. But, unfortunately, many end up being a total waste of time. However, all those reviewed below do make sense (in theory at least) so it might be worth giving them a go.

The first five are all physical exercises:

These exercises can help relieve stress levels (stress is often associated with hair loss) and might also reduce your body's production of DHT* to some extent as well.

* DHT is, of course, the hormone known to have a strong connection with the most common type of hair loss affecting men and women (androgenetic alopecia).

So, by performing the exercises below, you might be able to produce a small but noticeable improvement in the health and growth of your hair.

Remember though, just like any other natural approach to health, using physical exercises for hair loss will take time. So, if you do decide to try some or all these ideas, you'll probably need to commit yourself to do them regularly for several months.

1. Gravity exercises

Shoulder stand exercise

A very well known and completely natural hair loss remedy involves the use of gravity. The idea is, of course, to invert (or partially invert) so that gravity will assist the flow of blood to your scalp. Let's face it, you don't see many bald bats right? So it might just be worth giving this slightly strange idea a go.

Several exercises exist (and you can probably think up a few of your own too). But, shoulder stands (either with or without a wall to prop yourself up) are probably the fastest way to increase scalp circulation.

Other, less extreme versions that don't require the same degree of strength, flexibility and balance include simply lying on your back and lifting your legs up against a wall.

You can even buy special chairs or tables that are pivoted so you can spend time inverted.

2. Slow deep breathing

This might sound unlikely, but deep breathing can increase your energy levels by delivering more oxygen to the blood, which could then improve the efficiency of your circulation too. Together, both these things can help nourish your scalp follicles, and so, improve hair growth.

3. Head and neck massage

Simple massage techniques might increase blood flow to your scalp for a short period of time. At the very least they'll feel good, which means they should reduce stress levels. And lower stress levels could improve scalp circulation slightly too.

Of course, you could always buy some fancy new massage-based hair regrowth product instead in the hope that it will somehow be vastly superior to simply using your hands. But, be warned, products like this are almost always inferior to a hands-on approach.

Read this Scalp Massager Review to find out why.

4. Neck stretches

Tilts - Keeping your head facing forwards, tilt left and then right.
Turns - Slowly turn your head as far left, then as far right as you can without straining.
Nods - Nod your chin down to your chest. Then lift your head back and up.

Combined with slow deep breathing, these exercises help relieve tension in the neck and improve circulation to some extent. You'll need to repeat each exercise several times though.

5. Aerobic exercise

Cycling, swimming, jogging, walking, etc. all tend to lower testosterone levels which, in turn, lowers DHT levels. And less DHT should mean less hair loss.

Running and weight lifting

Note though, that heavy weight bearing (anaerobic) exercise will increase testosterone and DHT levels. That's why bodybuilding has been linked to hair loss.

Basically, DHT encourages both muscle and bone growth. And this bone growth also includes certain bones of the skull in those men and women who have the genetic link to hair loss. Learn how skull bone growth causes hair loss - Skull expansion.

My own hair loss remedy also involves hands-on techniques, but are entirely different from the five simple ideas just above. My techniques were developed after studying the skull expansion process.

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Many people don’t think of physical exercises as potential remedies for hair loss. So, instead, they prefer to rub various natural substances onto their scalps and/or take supplements. You can learn about these approaches from the following pages:

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Garlic and Onion - The high sulfur content in garlic and onion might cause the pungent smell, but it can also help hair grow. Review the pros and cons of using garlic and onion as a home-made remedy for hair loss, as well as some alternatives you might prefer.

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Having suffered hair loss myself for several years, I'm well aware of the utter misery it can cause. So I wish you success with whatever method you choose.

Best wishes,

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor, B.Sc.

, the questions I posed to those hair loss professionals can only be fully answered by skull expansion. To find out what these questions (and answers) are, read this page.

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Note: All natural hair loss remedies on this page involving herbs, essential oils and physical exercises are for information and educational purposes only and should not be seen as recommendations. If you have any existing condition which might be affected by any of these ideas (e.g., hypertension, heart condition, glaucoma, detached retina, etc.) you should consult with a doctor before trying them.

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