Scalp Massagers and Magnet Therapy: Can a Mag-Gro Roller Really Stop Hair Loss?

By Paul Taylor

Mag-Gro scalp massager for hair loss

Using a scalp massager to tackle your hair loss might sound like a final desperate act when all else has failed.

But, massaging your scalp will without doubt improve scalp circulation. And that’s something that should definitely help your hair grow.

So, rather than being seen as a last resort, should scalp massage really be the first thing you try in your battle against baldness?

And if so, could a dedicated scalp massager product like the Mag-Gro give superior results than simply massaging using your fingers and hands alone?

This review highlights the benefits of using a hands-on approach to hair loss, but also warns against trying gimmicky devices that might simply be feeding upon the false hope that brand new products and clever marketing can bring.

Mag-Gro Scalp Massager Review

Perhaps the best example of such a product that quickly finds success (despite some hard to believe claims it makes) and then seems to disappear without a trace, is the Mag-Gro.

As you can see from the top image, this product is simply a roller with plastic teeth on the outside and four magnets stuck on the inside. The idea is that you slowly and gently roll it over your head for 30 to 45 seconds one or more times each day.

According to the official website, the Mag-Gro can:

  • Increase scalp blood flow.

  • Thicken up thinning hair, stop hair loss within 30 days, and grow new hair within 90 days.

  • Work faster and cost less than any other hair loss product you can get.

Other benefits from this "magical" magnetic scalp massager are said to be: healthier shinier hair, prevention of gray hair developing, and restoring color back into gray hair you already have.

That’s quite a claim!

And very difficult to believe.

So much so, in fact, that it seems a bit hard to accept the many positive reviews on the official website’s testimonials page.

Much more believable are the reviewers from some other independent websites who said that Mag-Gro didn’t work for them, and they didn’t get a refund either.

Often a very good test of credibility is whether or not a product has staying power - the official Mag-Gro website has now vanished, and the remaining Mag-Gro products are quickly going out of stock from the online retailers that still sell it.

All of which strongly suggests that we’ve now seen the last of the Mag-Gro.

Nevertheless, one final point of interest about the Mag-Gro is the addition of magnets that helped it stand out from other scalp massager products.

But, was that just a smart marketing move? Or is there really some value in using magnets for hair loss?

Magnet Therapy for Hair Loss

The Mag-Gro website didn’t have any clinical research to back up the effect it says magnet therapy has on hair growth.

But there has been some real scientific research done into magnet therapy:

A magnetic field can move (or spin) electrons, and also ionize (charge) oxygen atoms within water (and therefore blood).

This is called ionization by magnetic induction (IMI).

Apparently, the oxygen ions that magnetic fields create through IMI can restore normal blood pH. And that's important because most people have slightly acidic blood (i.e., low pH) usually due to excessive protein consumption.

Also, the cell walls and capillaries within the body are pH sensitive.

What all of this basically means is that, if the pH of your blood is acidic, blood flow and therefore oxygen delivery could become restricted. So, by restoring normal pH, a magnetic field might be able to improve circulation.

In fact, in some cases of extremely poor circulation, it's been recorded that a 300% increase in blood flow has occurred within minutes of applying a magnetic field.

Source: Vaclavek V. Magnotherapy - the pHacts.  Corbett and Cavanagh, UK. 2005 ISBN 0 9535970 0 8

So, if magnetic therapy can increase blood flow to the scalp, it's possible that this idea might help with hair regrowth.

Magnetic wrist strap

Active vs. passive magnet therapy

Since blood treated in one part the body will circulate to all other parts, this should mean that, with just one magnetic product, you can apply it anywhere to gain the benefits it produces.

For example, you could wear a magnet on your wrist (like the one shown above) rather than rolling one around your head like the Mag-Gro product.

Also, you can wear a wrist strap magnet 24 hours a day, but it's unlikely that you would use a magnetic roller for any more than just a few minutes per day.

The photo below shows what’s called a rare-earth magnet made from neodymium which is very powerful (as you can see) as opposed to the four weak "whole" earth magnets found in the Mag-Gro scalp massager.

Magnet therapy device holding three coins

Other Scalp Massager Products

Other types of scalp massagers that could be used as hair loss remedies include:

  • Wooden balls – These are designed to be used anywhere on the body.

  • Rubber nodes – They’re made from rubber so they don’t rip your scalp apart like the plastic teeth on a Mag-Gro might do if you press too hard.

  • Thin metal rods – Some of these look like they’ll do no more than simply tickle your scalp.

  • Electrical mechanical devices – An expensive way just to massage your head!
Electronic and wooden ball scalp massagers


No matter how much common sense could be screaming at you not to buy, the deep fear some people have of losing their hair can easily override all that, and make them believe that some new "miracle" product might just work for them.

Of course, it’s also a lot quicker and easier to press, roll or simply switch on a scalp massager than it is to use your hands. And therein lies the appeal. Something manufacturers are very quick to jump on.

But, whether you choose to buy a scalp massager or simply do it yourself, is it really possible that one or two short (say, one minute) sessions each day can make much of a difference to your hair growth?

No, not really!

To use scalp massage successfully, you need to do far more than that. And you need to do it right.

The reason why my own techniques for hair loss succeed where most others fail is because they address specific regions of the scalp, and efficiently improve scalp flexibility and circulation with long-lasting effects. 

Unfortunately, many people with hair loss are very reluctant to even touch their scalp for fear of losing even more hair. But whilst it’s true that weak hair might easily break or get pulled out from the roots, the natural growth cycle of hair means it should grow back.

So, if you suffer hair loss, don’t be afraid to get "hands-on" and start massaging your scalp!

Here's a testimonial from someone who successfully used a combination of my techniques, a Mag-Gro and vitamin supplements:

"I like to refer back to the information as it keeps me motivated to continue the exercises. I also use a Mag-Gro scalp roller for the circulation and take hair vitamins. This combination is working well. Hope this may be of help to someone cause its working for me thanks to your information and my Mag-Gro.

P.S. I’m 48 years old - if that can’t motivate you nothing will!"

Cheers from Mr J. Fritz, Australia

To learn more about my techniques, read the FAQ page.

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