Hair Loss Articles

By Paul Taylor

Hair loss articles by Paul Taylor

Read my latest hair loss articles and you’ll be in for a few shocks and surprises.

Simply scroll down the page, scan each topic and introduction, and click on the links to read any article of interest.

Dihydrotestosterone, Dandruff and Drugs

These three articles give some new revealing information about dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

How DHT causes cell death in hair follicles
This article explains that, when it comes to hair loss, there's a much bigger picture than simply dihydrotestosterone.

Thinking about finasteride for hair loss? Think again!
Learn how finasteride only treats the secondary effect of DHT, not its primary effect.

Does dandruff cause hair loss?
Very bad dandruff can sometimes be linked to hair loss. Find out why this is and how DHT is involved.

The Truth About Hair Loss Blogs and Hair Loss Forums

Lies, threats, manipulation, biased, unprofessional… and that’s on a good day!

Learn from my own experience of hair loss forums and blogs.

The truth about hair loss forums
Learn about the manipulation that can take place in some hair loss forums.

Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Blog About Skull Expansion
The Belgravia Centre is one of the UK's leading hair loss clinics - find out what they had to say about skull expansion.

Hair Structure, Hair Growth and Hair Loss

How does hair grow? What is it made from? And why is some daily loss of hair completely normal?

Hair structure
It may look full of life, but your hair is actually dead.

Hair growth cycle
Anagen, catagen and telogen. How long should each phase last?

How much hair loss is normal?
Losing 100 hairs a day might be OK. It all depends on how much hair you've got in the first place. Learn more.

Miscellaneous Hair Loss Articles

Read these articles to learn about:

Ethnicity and hair loss: why Eskimos don't go bald
Caucasians suffer hair loss more than any other ethnic group. But Inuit people (Eskimos) and Native American Indians suffer hair loss the least. Why?

Brown fat and how It can help grow healthy hair
Brown fat (brown adipose tissue) might encourage healthy hair growth, and a lack of it can be linked to hair loss. Learn more about this largely ignored, but very important, aspect of hair growth.

Severe hair loss and heart disease link
A Japanese study confirms that hair loss can be linked to coronary heart disease. I have my own theory about this.

Super foods for hair growth help
If you want to know which foods for hair growth will help you the most, read this article. It tells you which foods to eat and explains why they can help.

Vitamins for thinning hair
Find out which vitamin supplements are the most popular for hair growth, hair loss and hair thinning.

Turmeric and curcumin
Can the ancient Indian spice turmeric really help with hair loss?

Seaweed for hair loss
Seaweed contains minerals and "alginate" which might help with various types of hair loss including male pattern baldness.

Hair loss cure?
Can WAY-316606 really be the hair loss cure thousands of men and women have been waiting for? Read this article about how this new drug may or
may not finally put an end to baldness.

Saw palmetto side effects
Is saw palmetto safe? Learn about the possible side effects if you take saw palmetto for hair loss, including the risks for men, women and children.

Detumescence therapy and the hair loss theory behind it: real or fake?
Detumescence therapy for hair loss was suggested by Henry Choy in a journal article he had published in 2012. The treatment data he gives is impressive. But is it real or yet another hair loss scam?

Acromegaly and skull expansion
Some people claim that acromegaly disproves my skull expansion hypothesis for hair loss. This article explains why they are wrong.

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