My Hair Regrowth Success Story: How to Reverse Hair Loss

By Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor

I successfully saved my hair without using drugs, lasers, etc. You can reverse hair loss! Read my hair regrowth story and see for yourself.

When I first realized I was suffering hair loss, it frustrated and annoyed me. But before long, it really started to worry me. So much so in fact, that my typical day would look something like this:

My Hair Loss Story

Get up, check the pillow for hair (maybe even count them!) then look in the mirror: "How’s my hair looking?"

So, in other words, as soon as I woke up, the first thing I thought about was my hair!

I would shower and then wash my hair with some kind of fancy "this-will-definitely-grow-your-hair-back" type of shampoo.

This Will Definitely Grow Hair Shampoo

I tried all sorts of different brands and formulations that promised to reverse hair loss and grow my hair back.

And I also used the sink so that I could check the plughole for hairs. If you wash your hair as you shower, it may be quicker and more convenient, but your body hair (and I have a lot of body hair) will mix in with your scalp hair. This means you won't really know how much hair you've just washed away.*

* Note: you can't actually wash your hair away. The truth is, only hair that’s weak and ready to fall out anyway will do so.

Anyway, I had one of those plughole protectors that collect all the hair and stop it from clogging up (a pretty neat gadget by the way). As my hair loss developed, I began losing dozens of hairs every day when I washed it.

And when it was at its worst, I lost as many as 300 hairs in a single wash!

This was something that put me into a state of shock!

Plughole protector

My day would then continue in much the same, almost neurotic way. That's how much it tormented me!

Frankly, I'm embarrassed to drag you through the entire day I used to have. But you get the point, right? I had become obsessed by this insidious "disease". Pretty sad, I know, but that's just how much it affected me (and I’m sure hair loss affects many others in exactly the same way).

Now compare that day to this next one after I had started using specific techniques designed to reverse hair loss and regrow healthy hair:

My Hair Regrowth Story

Get up, immediately think about my hair again (nothing new there then!) but I then performed some simple techniques which I knew were helping me restore strong, healthy hair growth.

I would then shower (and wash my hair at the same time), towel dry my hair, flick a comb through it, and that's it. All done! I’d then simply get on with my life, secure in the knowledge that I was doing something extremely positive at last, and so didn't need to give my hair any more thought.

Basically what I’m saying here is that, whilst my hair loss used to pester me throughout each and every day, suddenly I found myself living my life like I used to before hair loss had first "infected" me. I could even concentrate better – I’d be thinking more clearly, whereas before, thoughts about hair loss would keep popping up and dwell on my mind.

I know all this must sound pretty pathetic, but it's just the way it was!

Even though I’d only just started using these techniques, they had already changed my mindset from being negative to positive.

So, what are these techniques? Where did they come from?

Here's what happened...

Seven Years Of Research

Like I already said, losing loads of hair really got me worried. Very soon after my hair loss started, it began to rapidly develop and I found myself totally unable to accept it (I was only 23 at the time!)

I needed help. And I needed it fast!

So, obviously my first approach was to ask the experts. Being very technically minded, the questions I posed to these hair loss professionals were quite specific* about the hair loss process.

* I wanted to know why the rate, region and age at which hair loss starts can vary so much. I also asked why the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can be linked to both hair loss and hair growth.

I considered these questions extremely relevant to the hair loss process and, as such, quite straightforward for a hair loss specialist to answer...

But Every Hair Loss Expert I Asked Was Unable To Provide Answers!

This, I found extremely surprising and disappointing because it gave the impression that they didn't fully understand the hair loss mechanism. And if they didn't know, how could I ever rid myself of this problem?

But I had to find a solution. Even if it meant doing it on my own! So that's when I started what was to become extremely time-consuming work: finding the answers to those questions.

It took seven years of research before I finally began to understand where all those "experts" were going wrong: the mechanism that causes hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) involves skull bone growth (skull expansion). This is actually a very simple concept…

Where Skull Bones Grow, Scalp Hair Falls

Whether or not skull expansion and hair loss develops, all depends upon the shape of your skull. During my research I managed to identify the skull bones that keep growing in men and women with certain skull shapes.

Then, as these bones grow, they increase the curvature of the skull and slowly push up against the scalp tissue, disrupting the tiny capillaries and choking the blood supply needed to grow hair.

Hard to believe?

Well, it's true! 

Just read the skull expansion section if you’re in any doubt.

My Techniques Finally Get Discovered

Once I realized that skull expansion was causing the problem, I began developing techniques to try and counteract the hair loss process and find the remedy I wanted (needed!) so much. I had to experiment of course, and ended up trying several ideas.

But, eventually I found success.

I finally settled on the ideas that seemed the most promising and started using them every day.

Very soon, I noticed a decrease in the rate of hair loss. And within about a month, my hair loss had virtually stopped.

Within a few more months, I realized that my hair was also getting thicker and starting to regrow in previous areas of loss (which was basically everywhere by that stage). And this new hair growth was mature "terminal" hair, not just tiny "vellus" hair.

So that's when I knew these techniques really could reverse the hair loss process. And that, if I kept using them, I would be able to restore my hair growth completely safely and naturally without having to buy and try loads of different hair loss products*.

* For me, hair loss drugs and transplants were never an option - I've always believed that a natural problem should have a natural solution. That’s why I spent all those years studying hair loss and developing my own techniques.

My Techniques Can Reverse Hair Loss

Recovery of my hair continued and, as a result, today I enjoy a healthy head of hair again. No one would ever really know I suffered any serious hair loss at all.

From the "before and after" photos below, you can see in the left photo how my temples had begun to rapidly recede. The photo on the right shows how hair growth has now recovered in this region.

Paul Taylor before and after hair loss photos

Success at Last

After all those years of research, I had finally developed a remedy for hair loss that really worked.

And I’m also totally free from the stress that hair loss had, quite clearly, caused me. Make no mistake, hair loss is a horrible condition to have. It just seems to keep getting relentlessly worse and worse. So much so in fact that, to reverse hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth sometimes seems impossible to believe.

Hair Loss Can Ruin Lives, But It Doesn’t Have To Ruin Yours!

I suffered hair loss for seven long years. During this time, my hair loss rapidly developed (receding temples followed by thinning at the crown and back of the head). But, eventually I found the solution I was looking for. By using these simple techniques, I managed to reverse my hair loss, regrow healthy hair and keep it ever since.

So, for both men and women, hair loss can be reversed. By applying the same techniques I used, I believe you too can keep the hair you have, and regrow hair you’ve lost.

Learn how to reverse hair loss using my techniques.

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