The Truth About Hair Loss Forums

By Paul Taylor

Hair loss forums can provide a valuable source of information directly from people who have already tried the very same products and treatments you might be thinking about using.

But, many of these websites are sponsored by pharmaceutical and hair loss companies. And, as such, a definite bias towards that company's products (and against any other product) seems to exist both within the website and any forums they host.

This article reveals the types of manipulation that can take place in some of the most popular hair loss forums on the Internet.

Why Take Participate in Hair Loss Forums?

Normally I don't participate in forums at all.

But, when I discovered that one website had challenged me to respond within one of its forums which was heavily critical both of myself and the skull expansion theory, I made an exception and decided to take part.

Extracts from that particular forum are given below. Obviously you can draw your own conclusions from it…:

Forum moderator post:

...there are people who come to these forums stating they are consumers when in fact they are Reps and their views on a product are what I have seen from some people here... who as far as I know were directly connected to you (Paul Taylor) or whoever sells your ebook".

My response:

"First of all, the name "Dan" has been mentioned in this forum several times. As such, I get the impression that this might have been one of my customers. The customer concerned did not tell me which forum he posted to, but his name was Dan, so it is possible.

Anyway, Dan decided to participate in a forum in order to tell people how my techniques were helping him. For this, I told him, I was very grateful.

But, when he then tried to continue the forum thread, he noticed that his first post had been deleted.

He was then banned and threatened with police action by the website concerned. Obviously I don't want people to get banned, so I would have preferred that he had not tried to participate at all.

This is the email my customer sent me:

"There was a forum post started back last year about the skull expansion theory and some people were like "maybe" others "definitely not, the bones fuse", so I decided to revive the discussion and I posted a lengthy article about my experiences so far using your methods and how it could all be true.

I thought it was a good piece of convincing from someone who would be looking at hair loss from the same viewpoint as them. I came back to see if there was a reply and the post was gone. Seems like someone deleted it. Sad that some people don't like the idea of different ideas."

He then tried again:

"Somehow my account was put on probation, so I created a new one, clearly stated who I was, and posted my latest pictures. I went to refresh the page, and I got this message:

Banned: You have been banned from this site. Further attempts to access this site will result in contacting your Internet Provider as well as possibly the police.

Entry to any unauthorized system is a FELONY. You are no longer authorized to access this site. Your visitation of this page has been logged to show that you have seen this message and are knowingly attempting to access this site illegally."

Dan is just 18. He had a positive experience using my techniques and wanted to share that with other people he thought he could relate to.

But, as a result, he has now been banned and threatened by the website.

Personally, I think this is absolutely disgraceful, biased and unprofessional practice by the website concerned.

Clearly, he has been treated completely unfairly.

If a website truly claims to be unbiased, it should allow all opinions of its forum members to be made known, not just those it chooses to accept. Simply because someone from a website judges a forum member to be a "rep" doesn't mean they are correct.

So, whilst I understand that this sort of thing probably does happen in hair loss forums, it certainly wasn't true in his case - there are no reps working on my behalf as you suggest.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in your forum. Paul Taylor"


Clearly there's a huge amount of mistrust on the Internet concerning hair loss.

And given that so many products and drugs simply don't work for so many people, it's easy to see why.

But, to make things worse, it should be quite clear from this article that certain hair loss forums can't be trusted either.

Many visitors to such forums already suffer enough distress as it is from their own hair loss situation.

So, it's extremely unfortunate then that they also have to try and figure out whether or not a particular hair loss forum (along with its moderators and even some of its participants) are actually working in the best interests of a pharmaceutical or hair loss company.

Obviously hair loss forum moderators do have to monitor posts made, and occasionally have to censor some of them too. But, in certain cases it's quite clear that, at the very least, they jump to conclusions without any fair consideration whatsoever.

And, at worst?

They are blatantly biased against new ideas and in favor of the hair growth products they quite clearly promote.

Before choosing any hair regrowth product or treatment, it's obviously very important to make an informed decision by doing thorough research. But, if you do decide to conduct research by visiting hair loss forums, may I suggest you don't take everything you read there too seriously.

Finally, you might find the following email quite interesting. It's from another one of my customers who had been browsing through a hair loss forum about skull expansion…:

"…even (forum) moderators jumped in to say things like "well, I see plenty of big-headed people with no hair loss", etc. The thing I found so depressing about all this is that all of their objections to the ebook, you answer in your ebook, which means they clearly never read it and gave it serious thought."

Mr C. McCarther

So, if you've ever wondered why you haven't heard more about skull expansion and my techniques from the hair loss forums you visit, perhaps now you know the reason why!

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