Nourkrin Vs. Viviscal Review: Which Is Best?

If you take a look at Nourkrin and Viviscal reviews from customers, you'll see that they are very mixed, making it difficult to judge one brand against the other. So, this review compares and contrasts the main products of each to help you decide which, if any, is worth trying. The first question to ask is:

Are Nourkrin and Viviscal Identical Twins?

They used to be quite similar, but the types of product in each brand now have some big differences. The Viviscal range includes:

1. Gentle Shampoo
2. Moisturizing Conditioner
3. Volumizing Hair Fibers
4. Hair and Scalp Serum

Additionally, Viviscal food supplements (tablets) are recommended to be taken alongside all these products.

By contrast, the focus of Nourkrin seems to sit squarely on its food supplements. And, like Viviscal, these are also tablets. Clearly then, it's the tablets that appear to be the most important. So that's what this review focuses on.

Comparing Tablet Products

Viviscal tablets for men and women

Between these two brands there are several tablet products.

For men

  • Viviscal Man and Nourkrin Man

For women

  • Viviscal Maximum Strength and Nourkrin Woman

These appear to be the basic formulations for men and women from each brand.

However, Nourkrin Woman used to be called Nourkrin Extra Strength before being re-named. (You might still be able to find some online retailers advertising and selling stock with the previous name).

And Nourkrin also has the following products specifically targeted for women called the Nourkrin Maintenance product series, each of which contains a different mineral:

  • Nourkrin ACTIVE 20+ (contains selenium)
  • Nourkrin POST PREGNANCY (contains iron)
  • Nourkrin ACTIVE 45+ (contains zinc)
  • Nourkrin RADIANCE (contains copper)

All four products in the range also contain Marilex (Nourkrin's proprietary ingredient) and biotin (one of the B complex vitamins).

So, overall then, this means that the Viviscal for women range has just one tablet product, whereas the Nourkrin for women range has five, which does seem a bit confusing by comparison.

But here's how the basic formulations compare:


The main differences are in the vitamin and mineral composition including a few extra ingredients that appear in one but not the other. For example, only Nourkrin Man contains fenugreek.

Also, whilst both brands provide omega 3 essential fatty acids, Viviscal Man has flax seeds whereas Nourkrin Man contains cod liver oil (which is widely considered to be a more superior source of omega 3, albeit of non-vegetarian origin). As for the women's products, Viviscal Maximum Strength contains millet, and Nourkrin Woman contains none of these three ingredients!


Both contain acerola (a fruit extract or powder providing vitamin C) and horsetail extract (at virtually the same dose in each of these products).

Both contain marine-derived protein and at the same dose (Nourkrin has "Marilex" and Viviscal has "AminoMar C").

Both carry a warning of possible side effects: if you are allergic to the fish or shellfish ingredients from the marine protein, you should not take either product.

Crab and lobster shellfish

A High Price to Pay?

Both versions of this product are very expensive too.

So, if you were thinking about using either Nourkrin or Viviscal, it might be worth your while looking into cheaper alternatives - you should be able to get most of the ingredients from a combination of other supplements.

And, whilst you would almost certainly have to take multiple products instead of just one, it might still be a better idea because, if they do stimulate hair regrowth, you'll need to keep taking them long-term. Perhaps even for life.

And clearly, if you were to choose products from either brand reviewed on this page, eventually that would accumulate into a small fortune.

Still, on the other hand, some people might say that, if it saves your hair, it’s well worth it.

Nourkrin Vs. Viviscal Review Summary: Which Is Best?

Whilst I haven’t used either of these products myself, I would say that the Nourkrin tablets do look superior: cod liver oil is a better source of omega 3 than flax seed, and fenugreek studies have shown that it can help with hair regrowth.

But, for both these products, reviews from men and women who have tried them are mixed, and vary from very good to very bad.

Therefore, whilst these products do appear to be totally natural and so, should be very healthy for you (unless, of course, you’re allergic to fish or shellfish) they can’t really be recommended on this website as a proven way to beat hair loss and successfully regrow your hair.

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If you’re in any way unsure about taking any food supplement, obviously it’s best to speak with a doctor or nutritionist first.

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