Nanogen Review: Any Side Effects from Hair Fibers, Locking Spray or Aquamatch?

By Paul Taylor

Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibre Spray and Fibre Locking Spray

This Nanogen review includes Keratin Hair Fibers, Hair Thickening Spray, Hair Fibre Locking Spray, Aquamatch and the risk of side effects from the ingredients.

It should help you decide which, if any, hair loss concealer product to use. First, some facts about all these products.

Product Details: What is Nanogen?

Nanogen fibers (or fibres) are the main product. These are tiny keratin fibers which will magically stick to your hair through an electrostatic charge when you shake them onto your head to give the appearance that you have thicker hair.

This electrostatic charge is strong enough to prevent 90% of the fibers from falling out for at least five minutes if you were to go for a swim or do some other form of vigorous exercise.

The official website doesn't say what happens to the other 10%. But, presumably, they just float around in the water or atmosphere. And, since keratin is a type of protein, that should hopefully mean they eventually get broken down harmlessly.

I'm not too sure how many people would actually consider five minutes long enough for a swim. But I imagine most would probably avoid swimming when using Nanogen fibers anyway.

You would also need to use "Fibre Locking Spray" (sometimes called "Fibre Locking Mist"). Whatever you call it though, four sprays from the product will hold hair in place, and eight will waterproof it.

Finally, there’s Aquamatch. Aquamatch is like a big crayon that you use like an eyebrow pencil to color in to conceal any wide parting you have. And it also comes with a pencil sharpener to use when the crayon gets blunt.

Any Nanogen side effects?  Are the Fibers safe?

Shaking thousands of tiny keratin fibers onto your head obviously suggests that some might go to waste, therein making a mess or even getting inhaled.

The official Nanogen website states that:

" should avoid inhaling Nanogen Hair Fibres, but if you did inhale a few there’s no need to panic".

It also states that if the fibres are inhaled, they might make you cough but:

"...are non toxic and they will leave the lungs in the same way as any other breathable particles".

Of course, whether or not you find that reassuring is something for you to decide.

Some Amazon reviews do state that the product can leak and is messy. These include:

"The fibres shed even when using a setting spray. I end up with fibres on my forehead and face and have to check in the mirror before seeing other people to make sure I don't look too bitty."

And: "The product also makes my head itch so my nails have dark fibres under them from scratching the irritation. It is not pleasant to use and not a practical solution to covering thinning hair."

One other possible side effect from Nanogen’s Aquamatch product is that you might feel a bit silly using a giant crayon to color in your scalp!

Other than all that, you should be OK. As stated above, the Nanogen site declares that the fiber product ingredients are non-toxic. So they should be safe, and you shouldn’t experience any side effects from these Nanogen products.

However, there are other issues you need to know about. So, continuing on from the previous page (Mane hair spray):

Problem #6 – Enough Is Enough!

Suppose you've been using a concealer for a few months (or even years?) and finally had enough. Perhaps your continued hair loss had reached a point of no return where your concealer fails to hide your hair loss any more.

What then?

It would be so obvious to everyone you know if you were to wear a concealer every day to work, only to suddenly turn up one day without it, and next to no hair at all.

With and without using a hair loss concealer

And leading up to this, perhaps, traumatic event, as you lose more and more hair, an ever-increasing amount of your scalp will show through your thinning hair. And obviously that also means you’ll have to use more and more product to cover it up.

So, clearly this idea will only "work" for so long: concealer products are not going to stop your hair loss.

Eventually, you simply won't have enough of your own hair left to which the fibers can attach (unless, of course, you manage to stabilize your hair loss in the meantime).

So, in my opinion, you’d be much better off trying to tackle the underlying cause of your hair loss in the first place.

For male pattern baldness, the underlying cause is skull expansion.

Exceptional Circumstances

Party to let your hair down

I do, however, think that the one exception where hair loss concealers might have a role to play for some people is to use them on an ad hoc basis.

Clearly, if you're off to a big bash or glitzy party, you’ll want to look your very best. And if that means covering up your hair loss so you don't have to worry about friends, relatives, etc. noticing it for a few hours, then so be it.

Plus, any photos taken will look that much better.

And on that point, many concealer products are also very popular with celebrities of TV, movies, music, etc. who obviously want (and need) to look their best in front of the camera.

So, for that reason, I'd say these types of products can have a part to play in dealing with hair loss.

But, only under exceptional circumstances.

On the final page, the remaining problems #7 and #8 are explained.

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