Rogaine Side Effects in Men and Women: Who's Most at Risk?

Who’s more likely to suffer Rogaine side effects, men or women? The answer should help you decide whether or not to try this drug or opt for a safe, natural approach instead.

Most people with hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) already know that the drug minoxidil has been approved by the FDA to treat both men and women with this condition. And they also know that using it is not without risks. Mild, moderate or even severe side effects can and do occur for some people (as listed on the previous page). So this raises the question:

Are Men or Women More Likely to Suffer Rogaine Side Effects?

Rogaine is available in two concentrations - a regular 2% strength liquid product is suitable for women, and an "Extra Strength" 5% liquid product is suitable for men only (women could start growing facial hair if they use it).

Rogaine can also be applied as a 5% strength foam. Initially, this was for men only, but a 5% foam product for women is now available as well.

So, men who use the liquid product might be more likely to suffer side effects simply because their (5%) liquid product is much stronger than the liquid product for women (2%).

As for the foam product, it might be easier (for both men and women) to overdose from the recommended amount - "half a cap" of foam twice a day sounds a bit vague to me, especially when compared to the liquid which comes with a dropper to accurately measure two 1 ml doses per day.

Minoxidil foam

But, if minoxidil does start changing the tiny vellus hair on the face and body into mature terminal hair, this side effect would probably be more of an issue for women than it is for men. Clearly then, you would need to be very careful not to get minoxidil on your skin (including your nose, forehead, face, etc) and wash your hands thoroughly every time you use it.

Note: Another reason why you need to wash your hands thoroughly is because the high alcohol content also makes Rogaine products highly flammable.

Summary About Using This drug

To sum up:

  • Try Rogaine and you might suffer mild to moderate side effects (or even severe side effects if you’re really unlucky).

  • You’ll need to use it for months before you know whether or not it’s been of any use.

  • You could very well suffer even more hair loss as a direct result of using this drug.

  • And even if you do notice some beneficial effects, this might not be any more than minimal hair regrowth at best.

But There Is Another Way

If you do decide that Rogaine side effects are not worth the risk, what natural alternative can you take?

Well, I firmly believe that "you get out what you put in". In other words, the most likely way you’ll find success is if you put in the effort (or just get plain lucky, of course).

In the context of hair loss, I believe this means you need to dedicate both time and effort if you are going to restore healthy hair regrowth.

And you can’t rely on dumb luck either – only a very small number of men and women will ever experience substantial hair regrowth using minoxidil. Personally, I do not believe that simply rubbing some stuff onto your scalp twice a day is all it takes to save your hair.

Yes, I know we now live in a hectic 24/7 world where people demand results instantly, but hair loss doesn’t "work" that like. Just as the process that caused it is relatively slow and progressive, so too is the natural solution I suggest.

So, if you’re one of those people who simply prefer to pop a few Propecia pills or rub Rogaine Foam or liquid onto your scalp in the hope that maybe, just maybe, it will work for you, then I’m sorry because I don’t think my suggestion is suitable for you.

And I wish you the very best of luck with the drugs!

But if you are determined to solve your hair loss problem, prepared to put in a bit of effort, and also prefer a totally natural approach, then forget about Rogaine and all its potential side effects, and learn about my own hair loss remedy instead.

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